Highway 62 Fundraising

"There's an expression, 'my so-called life. That's about the size of it. I sit here all day. I had 26 cousins, but they're all dead now. I'm the only one alive. I had dear friends from grade school. As we got married, we lived close together and, would you believe it, I have one friend with Alzheimer's left. Other than that I'm the only one alive. There's no one I can call up and say, 'Do you remember when...?' There's nobody." - A. Brennan, Milwaukie

1.5 million older adults live in nursing homes and 1 million live in assisted living facilities. Approximately 76 million elderly  (27 %), 60 and above live alone.

An article published online in The Gerontologist reports that among older Christians, listening to religious music is associated with a decrease in anxiety about death and increases in life satisfaction, self-esteem, and sense of control over their lives.  Highway 62 Jubilee distributes copies of our live Southern Gospel concerts to the seniors who are homebound and in nursing homes. We focus  on providing traditional gospel music food, clothing, books, household needs, and birthday/Christmas to the elderly who have no-one.

How can YOU help? Currently, 2 ways.
1. In the Louisville Kentucky area, we have been gifted with some incredible Amazon Mystery Boxes. You can help by purchaing one, and have some fun too! Read More Here.
2. Donate in other financial ways, no matter where you live. Details Here.
3. Volunteer. Provide reading material, clothing, Bibles. Contact us Here.

4. Get on our Newsletter list, keep up with Highway 62 Jubilee. Signup on this page)

PO Box 1 Hardinsburg KY 40143

Highway 62 Jubilee, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Public Charity. Your Donations are tax deductible.

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