New styles of Gospel music that are being brought in to the churches and mainstream are rapidly losing places to find the music they grew up with and love. Especially in the urban cities. Our MISSION is to preserve the heritage of southern gospel, bluegrass gospel, country gospel and traditional gospel music for all generations. This is the music which you and I, our parents and grandparents have known and loved. This music has influenced and shaped the morals and values of past generations, and can do the same for future generations. Don’t let this music fall by the wayside!

Our PURPOSE is to inspire and empower people by providing them with the resources to make a difference by giving them opportunities to give where help is needed and to know and feel that they have personally made a difference in others lives. We do this throughout the year with food and clothing collections, collecting items for families impacted by floods and tornados in Kentucky, and gathering toys in the Christmas Season for the Childhood Cancer Family Fund. We also freely give out music CD’s to shut-ins, nursing home residents and others who may never have the opportunity to continue to enjoy this great traditional music.

The Highway 62 Jubilee is a labor of love. We spread an uplifting message at each and every celebration. We want to always offer free admission and free streaming broadcasts as long as we can. We can only do this with your help. We are supported by like-minded individuals and groups who believe in our mission to preserve and promote this great Gospel heritage. We also accept free-will offerings and donations, but only from those that are willing and can afford it.

So much turmoil, anger, lost faith, confusion – now more than ever. People need to hear good stuff. Help them feel better about themselves. Give them hope.

Our most important goal is to communicate and share the message of the Gospel, and the redeeming power of Jesus Christ. We start by recording LIVE Gospel Music Celebrations every month. The Music extends far beyond the walls at Maxwell’s House of Music. As we share these, others share them as well. An average broadcast sees upwards of 1000 watches withing 30 days. We also create Audio CD’s and Video DVD’s to freely give out. Without your help, this could not be possible.

There’s no other live show like this in the area. In a time where hundreds of Christian bands and Gospel artists are starving for even a place to play their music, we give these artists the opportunity to perform.

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