Our Mission

The Highway 62 Jubilee MISSION is to promote and preserve the history and heritage of gospel music for today and the future, while meeting the needs of our communities.

This is the music that we, our parents, our grandparents and ancestors have known and loved for many years. It has influenced and helped shape the morals and values of past generations, and can do the same for future generations. The value of this music is priceless!

Our PURPOSE is to inspire and empower people by providing them with the resources to make a difference by giving them opportunities to give where help is needed and to know and feel that they have personally made a difference in others lives. We do this throughout the year with food and clothing collections, collecting items for families within our own communities, plus those impacted by floods and tornados in Kentucky, and gathering toys in the Christmas Season for the Childhood Cancer Family Fund. We also freely give out music CD’s to shut-ins, nursing home residents and others who may never have the opportunity to continue to enjoy this great traditional music.

How We Accomplish our Goals and Objectives

  1. We inspire and empower people with the resources to make a difference by giving them opportunities to give where help is needed and to know and feel that they have personally made a difference in others lives.
  2. We provide free gospel music cd’s to anyone who needs encouragement.
  3. We encourage participation in our mission by helping those in need through our clothing, household and school supply, and food donation programs.
  4. We generate interest and increase growth in the number of gospel music fans by providing free concerts to the public.
  5. We educate singers and musicians on the technology, social media, and resources available to promote their music ministry.
  6. We enable singers and musicians to benefit from the experience and skills of other singers and musicians through networking, support, and Christian fellowship.
  7. We build community and cooperation among churches, charities, singing groups, soloists, and musicians to work together for a common goal to promote and preserve the greatest music in the world.
  8. We provide singers and musicians with the opportunity to open for larger mainstream gospel groups that perform in our concerts.
  9. We enable gospel singers and musicians to promote their music ministry through our recorded and broadcast programs.
  10. We provide a place where Christians can invite their non-Christian friends into a Christian atmosphere without the pressure of any kind of committment.
  11. We provide a place where disabled and low income people can come together and sit as equals with the wealthy and elite and enjoy gospel concerts free of charge.
  12. We provide a place where the elderly can enjoy quality time with their families.
  13. We provide a place where parents can enjoy family time together with their children, while shaping their morals and values.
  14. We proclaim the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ in song.

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