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The Highway 62 Jubilee is a labor of love. We spread an uplifting message at each and every show. We want to always offer free admission and free streaming broadcasts as long as we can. We can only do this with your help.

So much turmoil, anger, lost faith, confusion – now more than ever. People need to hear good stuff. Help them feel better about themselves. Give them hope.

Our most important goal is to communicate and share the message of the Gospel, and the redeeming power of Jesus Christ. We start by recording LIVE concerts every month, then sharing concert segments weekly on social media. As we share these, others share them as well. We also create Audio CD’s and Video DVD’s to give out. Without your help, this could not be possible.

There’s no other live show like this in the area. In a time where hundreds of Christian bands and Gospel artists are starving for even a place to play their music, we give these artists the opportunity to perform.

Basic expenses include production/stage rental, web site services, sound/video technicians and other sundry web related costs. This can cost us upwards of $900-$1000 per month. When our goal for basic expenses is reached, all left over monies will go to local community charities, church food banks, homeless outreach, etc.

Will you help?

The Highway 62 Jubilee brings you an evening of three great regional Gospel Artists in concert to start our second year. Featured will be new Southern Gospel, Praise and Country Gospel Music.

Returning from Kentucky is Silas Eisenback. Silas has been a favorite at the Jubilee, his style really brings home the message. Not only an accomplished singer, Silas is also a gifted songwriter. You will enjoy hearing his original music, as well as many of the classic Gospel songs.

Admission is FREE to the concert, which is held at 6:30pm (eastern) at Maxwell’s House of Music in Jeffersonville Indiana. According to Ray Lawrence, founder and producer, “In the urban areas, the generations that have grown up with Southern Gospel Music are finding it more difficult to find this type of music performed live unless you occasionally hear it in a rural church. We bring that music back!

More information can be found at the website:


The live concert will be held on Julu 16, 2022 at 6:30pm (eastern)/5:30pm (central).

Admission is FREE. Snacks and Sodas are FREE. Donation and offering for the groups are encouraged.

The venue is located at Maxwell’s House of Music, 1710 E. 10th Street, Jeffersonville Indiana. Everyone is invited.

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