July 18 2021 What’s News

If you weren’t at either of our two July 10th concerts, wow! You missed some GREAT music!

Big Announcements on our LIVE concerts, and our streaming broadcasts.

Starting with the August 14th concerts: there will be two shows. We will not be livestreaming either concert. The first will be at 1:00pm. The second show at 4:00pm. These times give you the chance to go out and enjoy a meal with your friends, sweetie and family, before or after. Plus, no driving home in the dark, so you have your evening free.

NEXT! We will BROADCAST 1/2 hour segments of the concerts every week on our YouTube and FaceBook channels. So, if you missed a concert, or want to listen and watch again, broadcasts will be on MONDAY nights, at 7:00pm. (Beginning July 26th).

If you have NOT “Liked” our Facebook Page, do so now, and get notifications every Monday about the broadcast: https://www.facebook.com/hwy62jubilee

AND be sure to “Subscribe” to the Highway 62 Jubilee YouTube Channel. We’ll be re-broadcasting there as well. https://www.youtube.com/

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