Highway 62 News Updates Feb 14 2023

Highway 62 Jubilee Music News Updates February 14 2023

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you feel like you are pulled in all directions? Yes, me too. I’ve spent restless nights grappling with God. And then BOOM! This happens. On February 8th, a chapel service in Wilmore Kentucky has, and is, experiencing the quiet, reverent presence of God and the Holy Spirit. I’ve been to Wilmore. I know folks there. I encourage you to read about this revival that is spreading across many states, and to many colleges! (Read Here).

With that, it’s time to share the news and updates from the Highway 62 organization.

While we make plans and seek guidance for the 2023 season, we find the real calling is in serving others. Our audiences are of an older generation for the most part. Many of those want to be at the live concerts, but live alone, with no family to see to them. We have been blessed to have the resources available to us to reach out and meet needs for them. Clothing, books, music, birthday and holiday gifts, and more.

I have been led to approach this in a small way, and the door has been opened. On Wednesday March 15th, we will be at The Central KY Community Action Center during their monthly senior food pantry day. CAC is providing us with a list of March birthdays of seniors in their system. We will be sharing birthday gifts, books and Highway 62 Jubilee CD’s. After weeks of planning, this will be our first step getting out into the communities.

There’s more news, which I will send out in an email or two between now and Sunday. We kick off our End Of Winter fund raising, and are deep in planning our all day Outdoor Gospel Music Festival in May. Resuming broadcasts in March, which will also include some streaming messages from pastors around the area. Stay Tuned!

Have something you’d like to say to us? Send us an email, our contact page is https://highway62jubilee.org/email/And, my phone is always on for your call.
May God Bless You Always,

Ray LawrenceExecutive Director, ProducerHighway 62 Jubilee

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