January 4 2022 What’s News

What’s NEW for 2022

The NEXT Live Concert will be on February 19th, 2pm (Eastern) at Maxwell’s House of Music, 1710 E 10th Street, Jeffersonville, Indiana.

Before we get started with what’s happening in 2022, let’s give a huge praise for 2021 and what it brought us. We have been blessed with music from:

His Grace
Ralph Frazier
Garry Sheppard and Chloe Sheppard
The McCoy Family
The Stacy’s
Aubrey Bowlus
Blood Bought
Hearts of Faith
The Ellis Family
Remnant Praise
Battle Cry
Smith & Company
Beyond Grace
The Boyd Family
Hearts of Joy
The Sinclairs
Victorious Trio

We also gathered food goods for the ministry at WJCR Radio. Our mission has been to be a blessing to our family of Christians, be a beacon for Jesus Christ to the lost, and be active in helping others in time of need. Read more on “Our Mission” Page.

What will 2022 bring?

Highway 62 Jubilee will still have LIVE concerts. This year, they will be held on the 3rd Saturday of the Month. (But always check if a date or time changes). Always start at 2pm (Eastern).


We just added a prayer request area on the website. Highway 62 Jubilee has a HUGE family made up of people who believe in the power of prayer. When we post prayer requests, you too, can be a part of the prayer team, and keep requests lifted to the Lord. Read more about “The Prayer Room” here.

We have defined our mission and ministry in more detail. Music has been proven to be a healing element in people’s lives. Music brings back memories. Music drives our hearts to action. Music touches deep into our souls. Music makes us feel good, and it certainly can deliver a message.
Read more on the “Our Mission” page.

In 2022, we want to get more churches involved. Make more personal visits to the pastors, and leaders of the churches. Meet those who lead the senior groups, the young adults and the youth. The message Southern Gospel brings is timeless.

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